About Our Mission

Corklane mission is to help people support the planet and move over to using earth-friendly, sustainable products. We inspire conscious consumption by offering trusted, high quality items that create an authentic, positive impact. Together we aim to support the earth and make the new normal more sustainable.
Our skilled team constructs handbags, wallets and other accessories by delicately stitching them, piece by piece. Our handbags are a refined result of careful creation and marvellous craftsmanship. With years of expertise and hard work, our handbags achieve the perfect look, luxury feel and designer quality.

About Our Production

We are proud to state that all Corklane accessories are produced in Portugal. This allows us to control the quality and design, at the same time we support the local economy. Both, CorkLane and our suppliers operates under European Union Labour law. It assures our customers about our good work ethics and working conditions.

The Fabric Behind Corklane

All Corklane pieces are made from high quality cork fabric supplied by Portugaliacork . We feel privileged to have an opportunity to work with such luxury and natural material, obtained from renewable resources. It´s unique texture and soft touch makes it an extraordinary material that we aim to spread and promote across the globe by producing stunning fashion accessories. Thanks to direct cooperation with cork fabric producer, every season our designers are selecting premium quality cork materials in vibrant colors and patterns.

"The earth is the only thing that all people have in common, so let's take care of it together!"

Julie Morris

Sustainable & Eco-friendly



Cork fabrics are biodegradable and produced from renovable resources.


Reduces greenhouse effect

Every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2.



Cork has waterproof properties making it the perfect material for apparel accessories and upholstery.



Cork fabric´s anti-static and hypoallergenic qualities allow it to be in safe contact with your skin



Cork fabric does not contain any animal-derived components.



Cork leather despite it thickness and durability remains lightweight and easy to work with.


Warm and soft touch

Cork has a unique texture and touch that is warm, pleasant and luxurious.


European origin

Cork fabric´s anti-static and hypoallergenic qualities allow it to be in safe contact with your skin