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We create sustainable bags, wallets and purses using vegan materials such as Portuguese cork fabric. Our designs reflect our values of sustainability and compassion for all living creatures, with a range of classic and trendy styles to choose from.

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We use only natural, eco friendly cork fabric


Products don’t contain any animal ingredients and are totally cruelty free.


Be the change — choose sustainable. All our products are composed from sustainable materials

Plastic Free

Our Products are 100% plastic free and travel friendly, too!


Cork fabrics are biodegradable and produced from renovable resources.


We support Our Planet!

Cork oak forests are a vital natural resource that helps fight climate change. They sequester up to 14 million tons of CO2 annually while providing habitats for wildlife and playing an essential role in water conservation, soil erosion prevention, and soil fertility. Harvesting cork is a sustainable process that maintains the longevity of these forests without harming the environment. Protecting cork oak forests is crucial in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions' effects.

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״I love everything about this brand. All of the products are sustainable. The delivery is really quick, and the service is warm and friendly :)״

Julie Morris

״The stuff is really amazing here. I was searching for this kind of eco shop for a long time. This shop is a great fit for vegans like me, strongly recommended!״

Brian Kelly



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